Getting Started

Theory Test

There are 2 parts to the theory test:

  • multiple choice questions (must score at least 43 out of 50)
  • hazard perception video clips (must score at least 44 out of 75)

Both are taken in the same session.

When you pass your theory test you will be given a pass certificate. This certificate is valid for 2 years. If you donít pass your practical test within that time you will have to take and pass another theory test before you can book your practical test.

Driving Test

Am I ready for the driving test?

  • Learners who pass first time do so because they ARE WELL INSTRUCTED
  • Learners who pass first time do so because they GET PLENTY OF PRACTICE
  • Learners who pass first time do so because they WAIT UNTIL THEY ARE READY!

Your One L instructor has the knowledge and experience to judge when you are ready.

You must be able to drive:

  • consistently well with confidence
  • without assistance and guidance from your instructor.

If you can't you aren't ready for the test!

Why spend money on a test you are not ready to pass?

Waiting until you are ready will SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY!

Booking your Driving Test

There are 3 main ways to book your driving test:

  • phoning the DSA driving test number 0300 200 1122
  • DSA website
  • your One L instructor will do it for you NO PROBS!

Test Fees (Valid from Oct 2009)

  Monday to Friday Weekend or Evening
Driving Test £62 £75
Theory Test £31 £31

When You Pass

Well done! You will have shown that you can drive safely.

REMEMBER - under the NEW DRIVERS ACT your licence could be revoked if you gain 6 or more penalty points within 2 years of passing your test.


You should aim to raise your standard of driving with additional tuition and experience. The Pass Plus scheme has been created by the DSA for new drivers who would like to improve their basic skills and safely widen their driving experience. Your One L instructor is fully qualified and experienced to teach this. If you take the Pass Plus course, you may also receive reduced insurance premiums.

One L of a Driver